Our Services

With the level of experience our senior-level consultants have, we can help you increase your efficiency, improve access, reduce costs, and improve the quality of care rendered. We will work with you and your budget to assess and implement new ways to meet the changing healthcare delivery and practice system needs.

pHY consultants is cognizant of your healthcare consulting budgets and expenses. We are agreeable to a variety of fee arrangements including hourly rates, flat fee rates and/or monthly retainers. Our fee arrangement can be customized for your business needs. pHY Consultants will provide you with senior-level availability and responsibility, agreed upon deadlines, budgets and continuous business dialogue.

Our Core Services

  • Business Assessment and Development
  • Comprehensive Relationship Program
  • Practice Management/Operations Assistance
  • Comprehensive Payer Strategy Program
  • Communications Design and Implementation
  • Revenue Cycle Operations/Denial Management
  • Revenue and Payment Models

Business Assessment and Development

Strategic Planning and Execution

Partnerships / Joint Ventures

Mergers and Affiliations

Comprehensive Relationship Program





Practice Management /Operations Assistance

Financial and Operations Analysis

Process Improvement Programs

Workflow Solutions


Comprehensive Payer Strategy Program

Payer Analysis

Contract language/Verbiage

Rates and Adjudication


Communications Design and Implementation

Design Internal, External Communication to Key Audiences

Coaching and Preparation for Meetings and Presentations

Speaking Engagements

Retreat Facilitation and Corporate Planning

Revenue Cycle Operations

Denial Management

Revenue Analysis

Revenue Recovery

Revenue and Payment Models

Bundled Payments

Risk/Limited Risk Sharing


Pay-For Performance

Value Based Contracting